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Will a Smart Thermostat Really Save Me Money?

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re always looking for ways to help cut down on energy bills when the summertime rolls around. One of the best ways to do this is to install a smart thermostat. These are not only super convenient to operate, but they can drastically reduce your energy bills.

It Learns Your Behaviors

Probably the most convenient feature of a smart thermostat is that after you program in your initial settings, it gets to learn your behavior. Over time, as it observes your behavior, it will be able to determine what temperature you prefer at various times of the day. Then, your smart thermostat can automatically adjust your settings to have your home at the perfect temperature whenever you get home and even calibrate it to make adjustments for specific humidity levels.

When your smart thermostat knows your behaviors, it can recommend the most energy-efficient settings without you having to lift a finger to try to program those settings yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much you can reduce your energy bills by simply changing your settings to more energy-efficient options.

Convenient Remote Interfaces

Another major benefit the smart thermostats bring to the table is convenient remote interfaces. Most smart thermostats will have an area on the interface that allows you to estimate the cost of the energy that you’re currently using. It will even allow you to make manual adjustments to your settings to see how they affect the cost of your energy bill. This can allow you to ultimately set the ideal temperatures for your home to meet what you want your energy budget to be.


All smart thermostats come with an eco-mode setting. This comes on whenever you’re away from your home and prevents your thermostat from running unless your indoor temperature reaches dangerously high or low levels. This is convenient as it will help to prevent emergencies like frozen water pipes whenever you’re away from home without you having to turn your entire HVAC system off. Many smart thermostats even automatically switch to eco-mode whenever it senses that there is no one in your home. It typically does this via tracking on your smartphone.

It Factors in Local Weather

One truly amazing attribute of smart thermostats is that they will actually take your local weather into account when it comes to optimizing your heating and cooling schedules. Using defined weather algorithms, smart thermostats can help to optimize energy usage and minimize humidity levels to ensure that your home feels comfortable for your family.

Remote Sensor Options

Fairly newer features that are coming out with many new smart thermostats are additional sensors. The sensors are designed to detect the temperature as well as motion. They’re to be installed in various rooms throughout your home to help your thermostat receive more precise information.

When it comes to temperature, your thermostat can learn what the general temperature is around your home as compared to just what the temperature is where the thermostat is positioned. This can be especially helpful in homes where thermostats aren’t optimally placed. The thermostat sensors also help to detect motion which is utilized to turn your HVAC system on and off depending on whether or not someone’s home.

User Simplicity

A very important way that smart thermostats can help you save money on your energy bills is their user-friendliness. Many programmable thermostats can offer an abundance of energy savings similar to that of smart thermostats. However, they require you to actually sit down and update your settings. Most homeowners simply don’t sit down and do so.

Smart thermostats take all the hard work out of programming your heating and cooling systems. With a couple of swipes of your smartphone, you can easily choose to program your smart thermostat to be the most energy efficient for your home. It’s super easy to make adjustments to help save energy usage from your smartphone as compared to having to go back to your thermostat every single time. Since smart thermostats are more convenient to use, homeowners actually implement smart choices to save energy, like lowering the temperature in the wintertime when they’re not at home.

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