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Electrician in Mequon, WI

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If you need a professional electrician in Mequon, WI, hiring one from Hometown Heating, Air & Electric is advisable. Unlike other home projects, you should leave your home’s electrical system in the hands of professional electricians. Electrical systems are fickle and dangerous, so you need a professional to repair or install the systems. Electricians do more than check your home’s wiring system. They perform repairs, installations, and maintenance to keep the electrical system safe and functional. Certified electricians are trained to handle repairs safely. If your lights flicker or you experience regularly blown fuses, it may be time for professional services from a reliable electrical company.


Professional Electrician in Mequon

Exposed wires are dangerous because they are a potential fire hazard. You need an electrical expert to assess the exposed wires and repair them to save your home from an electrical fire. Another situation when you need professional electrical services is when light switches buzz or don’t function. Outlets fail to function because of faulty wiring, outlet, circuit, or tripped fuse. Electricians use testing equipment to safely inspect a dead outlet, diagnose the problem, and professionally repair the fault to restore the outlets.

If you keep replacing burnt-out bulbs, you need to hire an electrical expert for repairs or replacements. Frequently tripping circuit breakers may indicate an overloaded circuit, short circuit, or a ground fault. Electricians have the training and expertise to inspect the circuit breaker and safely fix the underlying issue. Other situations when you need electricians include when you have an abnormal electrical bill, an outdated electrical panel, and during ceiling fan installations.

Here are signs you need to call us for electrical rewiring:

Experienced Electrical Company Team

We are the electrical service provider of choice throughout the Mequon area. It’s essential to hire an experienced team of electricians when you need repairs or installations. Our electricians are licensed and well-trained to exceed your expectations with our unmatched electrical services. You will love our high-quality service because we value communication, take time to answer your questions, and explain our services. We are a third-generation company that omits to get the electric job done the first time. Having been in the industry for several years, we have the expertise to service any model or make of electrical equipment. You can rest assured that the electrical expert coming to your home is verified and trustworthy. Our electricians are fast and dependable.


Do you want to upgrade your home’s electrical system? Call us at Hometown Heating, Air & Electric when you need a professional electrical company in Mequon.


Very knowledgeable and friendly staff who seem to go the extra mile. The service tech was right on time all three times I’ve used them. If you need something done right for a fair price, I would strongly recommended Hometown Heating & Air.