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If you need an electrician in Grafton, WI, you need one from Hometown Heating, Air & Electric to inspect and fix the problem. Hiring professional electricians is paramount even during installations to avoid making errors that can lead to costly repairs or an electrical fire. Hometown Heating, Air & Electric, a reputable electrical company in Grafton, can assist in maintaining, installing, and repairing your home’s electrical system.

DIY electrical projects can be dangerous because you expose yourself to electrocution or electrical system damage. Unless you are an expert in electrical wires, outlets, or panels, it’s best to hire certified electricians for any electrical work.

Professional Electrician in Grafton

One of the situations you may need an electrical expert is during a rewiring project. Poorly done attempts at rewiring could lead to loss of power or an electrical fire. It’s important to hire electricians to inspect the wiring system when buying a house, whether old or new. Moreover, you need these experts to inspect your home’s wiring system and maintain it regularly.

Do you intend to install additional lights in your home? Installation of additional lights can entirely change the dynamics of a home’s electrical system. Therefore, it’s paramount that you hire experienced electricians for an electrical renovation project.

If your circuits trip regularly, you need electrical services because it indicates an overdraw situation where the circuit gets too much electric current. Frequently tripping circuits can expose your home to an electrical fire; thus, you need an electrical expert to solve the issue. Electrical services are also necessary if lights dim when you turn appliances on. You need a professional to inspect the electrical system and recommend a suitable solution.

Are you considering a DIY approach to electrical repairs? Here are reasons why you should hire professional electricians instead:

Your Trustworthy Electrical Company

Hometown Heating, Air & Electric is a well-known company that strives to meet all your electrical needs in Grafton and the surrounding areas. We have earned the trust of our customers over the years by treating them as friends and family and prioritizing their needs. Our clients appreciate our high-quality electrical services and ability to serve any model or make of electrical equipment.

We strive to complete an electrical job right the first time and exceed our customer’s expectations. Whether you live near Paramount Plaza or Lime Kiln Park, you can count on an electrician from Hometown Heating, Air & Electric to always be ready to show up for the electrical services you need.

Do you have an electrical project to handle soon? Call Hometown Heating, Air & Electric, an affordable and experienced electrical company for all your electrical needs in Grafton.


Very knowledgeable and friendly staff who seem to go the extra mile. The service tech was right on time all three times I’ve used them. If you need something done right for a fair price, I would strongly recommended Hometown Heating & Air.