Ductless air conditioning in Mequon, WI, comes highly recommended for homes that don’t have a central HVAC system. A ductless mini-split or heat pump has the capacity to keep a single room comfortable, and this makes it ideal for outbuildings, which any preexisting ducts can’t reach, as well as for attic spaces and room additions. Since you can hook up eight air handlers to one compressor, mini-splits can heat or cool most, if not all, of your living space. Some need to run mini-splits because their homes don’t have the structure for ducts, while others prefer mini-splits for certain reasons, which we’ll outline below.

A ductless AC or heat pump can make your room comfortable through the simple transfer of heat either from or into your home. The compressor portion lies outside, and the air handler is something you would hang on your wall. Hanging it from the ceiling is another option. Between the air handler and the compressor stretches the refrigerant line; this can extend to as much as 50 feet, allowing you to put the compressor in an inconspicuous place.