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Ductless Air Conditioning in Grafton, Wi

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For the maximum in year-round comfort, consider a ductless air conditioning in Grafton, WI. A ductless mini-split can drastically reduce your monthly bill and provide all sorts of other benefits, as we’ll outline below. But first, how does a ductless heat pump or AC work? It’s simple: a chemical called refrigerant courses between the indoor unit (air handler) and outdoor unit (compressor), absorbing and releasing heat. It absorbs heat from inside and releases it outside; the process is reversed in winter.

A mini-split doesn’t heat or cool your entire home but only one room, so it’s ideal for outbuildings, attic spaces, and room additions. Some homeowners, though, knowing they can attach up to eight air handlers to a single compressor, achieve something whole-house heating and cooling with this system. Mini-splits are also ideal for historic homes whose structural integrity must be preserved.

Grafton's Ductless Mini-Split Option

So, you eliminate the hassle that comes with installing ducts; that’s one positive. Another is the flexibility you’ll experience in installing mini-splits. The air handler is a sleek device, and it won’t clash with the rest of your room. You can mount it on the wall or hang it from the ceiling. As for the compressor, you can hide this away because it can stand 50 feet from the air handler.

Once it’s installed, a ductless heat pump or AC can provide these benefits:

Why is it so efficient? Because it won’t let any of your warm or cool air escape, as often happens with ductwork, especially poorly sealed ductwork. In addition, the variable-speed technology keeps the system from switching on and off, which can otherwise quickly wear it down.

With a thermostat to each air handler, you get more personalized comfort, too. A central heating and cooling system would make your entire home one temperature, which may not satisfy all the members of your family.

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To have a ductless mini-split installed in your home in Grafton, rely on our team at locally owned and operated Hometown Heating, Air & Electric. Founded in 2016, our company boasts BBB accreditation and a perfect A+ rating. Our technicians have undergone the necessary training for NATE certification. We’re also certified by the EPA, allowing us to safely work around refrigerant. We have our headquarters in Brookfield on 126th Street near Wisconsin Memorial Park.


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